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Loan Coordinator

We are looking for candidates that are proactive, positive and passionate about what they do. We are looking for candidates that have a team player mindset and strive to always do the right thing. We are located 2 blocks from the beach and have a laid back, business casual vibe. With that said, we are very driven and we work as a team to accomplish our goals, every hour, of every day. We are looking for self-starters and those that are looking to build a career and grow with us. Prospect Financial Group, Inc. was founded in 2006 and is a proud member of the BBB with an A+ rating.

Most important to us and more relevant to our success than any technology or any market related event, is our Culture and that of our CORE VALUES. Without an amazing culture, the great technology, the great marketing platform and/or our highly competitive rate and fee structures would be meaningless to us. If we didn't have the culture we have, we'd be like any other mortgage company striving to survive. It is because of our culture, led by the entirety of our awesome team, that we are not only surviving in a slow market, we are thriving. We firmly believe that the only competitor we have is our yesterday-self, and we follow this belief obsessively. By competing against ourselves and acting solely on internal variables within our control, we have been able to make small, incremental improvements. This has set us apart from where we were a year ago, two years ago, five years ago, etc. With this as one of our guiding principles, our competition (ourselves) gets better every day and we are required to keep pushing ourselves to the next limit in order to keep outperforming our competition (ourselves). Forward momentum has allowed us to provide additional and continuous opportunity for our team members, our future team members and our customers. Some companies boast of extraordinary systems, extraordinary rates, extraordinary compensation packages and/or extraordinary proprietary significance. This, they say, is what gives them an edge and why you should apply with their company and/or work for them. We try not to spend too much time reflecting or explaining the things that make us great. We try to spend most of our time exploring the things that we can do better.

As far as we care to know, there is nothing extraordinary about any one particular thing that we have different than that of any other company. No mind-blowing attributes or breakthrough proprietary advancements has ever existed to give Prospect an advantage over any other mortgage company and it's not what we spend our time on. We firmly believe that what truly gives us the edge is that we can better compete against our yesterday-selves than other companies can compete with our yesterday-self. No other company knows us better than we do. Therefore, no other company can prospect us better than we can prospect ourselves. With this at the forefront of our every ambition, we are confident that we can continue to put ourselves in the best position to serve our current and future employees and our current and future customers. This strategy has always supported internal growth and promotion from within and inevitably, this is what will lead us into the future.


Salary: $17.50 /hour

Additional Compensation:

  • Bonuses

Skills & Experience



This is an entry level position. 


We are licensed in 6 states and conduct most of our business over the phone, which means we spend most of our time on the phone. This affords us the opportunity to help more homeowners, more efficiently. The telephone will be one of your most valuable friends ever because it will allow you to repeatedly dial it to reach homeowners and it will never complain or get tired. You will be making outbound calls to homeowners who have recently inquired about our services. You will not be "cold calling," but like anything in life worthy of redemption, you will face rejection. If you are looking for an easy job with low accountability where you can clock-in, casually go about your day and casually clock-out and fill a job of low importance, this job is not for you. If you are looking for a challenging job where you are pushed to your limit in an environment where everyone rally's around a cause together, everyone accountable for their role, WITHOUT micromanagement or constant over site, this might be the job for you.

This is hands down, one of the most important roles at the company. Our Loan Coordinator department fuels the engine to our future because it is the first contact with our customers. Furthermore, it serves as the lifeblood of our future operation because it is the only pool from which we promote our loan officers from. The Loan Coordinator position is the stepping stone to the highest paid position at Prospect, which is the loan officer position. Upon being promoted from the Loan Coordinator position to the Prospect Financial Loan Officer position, you will have the tools, the habits and the necessary skills to succeed in any market. Furthermore, our loan officers are among the highest volume and highest paid loan officers in the industry (Many making in excess of $20,000 per month). Make no mistake, they work hard and deserve every penny. They are good at what they do and like anything, they get paid very well to do it very well. Their primary responsibility is in helping as many homeowners as possible finance the roof over their family's head. In a sense and with all due respect to doctors, the importance of the MLO role is comparable to the importance and responsibility designated to that of a doctor taking care of a patient's health. Similarly, last month, most of our loan officers were compensated more than most doctors. With that said, we lead with the notion that if our sole purpose for coming to work is to make a ton of money, we wouldn't be the best at what we do. Our primary purpose of coming to work is to improve in helping as many homeowners as we can, and to keep improving. Naturally and respectively, by leading with this premise, the money will inevitably be there.

Your primary responsibility will be to verify information with homeowners looking to refinance or purchase a new home and transfer them to loan officers. This position also serves as our training platform for all new loan officers looking to join our team. A pre-requisite of this position is the desire to become a loan officer within 90-180 days of your start date. We will guide you through the NMLS Licensing Coursework, Continuing Education (if applicable) and help you prepare for the NMLS Safe Test required to become an MLO (Mortgage Loan Officer). In addition to coursework and test preparation, you will receive an unparalleled level of training and support which will "all but guarantee" your 6 figure income helping homeowners save money on the most important decision that they will make in their life. Our systems and our origination process is unlike any other mortgage company and we strive to improve it every day. This is why we are quickly approaching the #1 broker shop in the country, as far as loan volume (Currently in the top 10 of all mortgage brokerages in the U.S.).

If you think that you are a fit for Prospect and this position, please complete the following:

1. Please send your resume via this post
2. When applying, please include 2 paragraphs about yourself. The first paragraph should be about what you bring to the table that makes you a good candidate to help Prospect Financial improve and compete against their yesterday-self.
3. Be prepared and committed to working hard for a team that is prepared and committed to working hard for you.

This is a fulltime position

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