Why Online Reviews Should Matter to Homeowners

Anytime you go through the refinance process, or buy a new home and need a home finance, it’s very important to understand the distinguishing factors that separate one mortgage company from the next. So much knowledge is required of a senior loan officer (and their support staff) that the ability for a lender to retain this top talent is paramount. Even more important are online social media campaigns, direct mail and a few others - all of which influence borrowers. As you are likely aware of by now, not all lenders are created equal.


Let’s say you have a given mortgage company in mind... It’s very important to understand how long that company has been in business, as well as how long it takes them to get back to you following an inquiry. Do they answer the phone when you call? What about online reviews? If the best rate you’re getting from any lender / broker comes from one with awful reviews (Yelp, Google, Facebook), we highly recommend asking a lot of questions. You’ll want to get to the bottom of it to see if the reviews are justified! Overall service is one of the most important things to consider - at times even more important than rate and fee structure. It’s likely that very low-rate lender is not providing the service necessary to get those loans to closing; therefore, rate promises at the beginning do not hold the same weight as quotes from a company with excellent reviews, great customer service and bottom line product pricing.


 Not to brag or anything (okay, perhaps a little), but if you Google" "Prospect Financial Group Inc." you’ll see thousands of online reviews, and you won’t see dissapointment!  If we couldn’t beat Quicken Loans’ rates, and if we didn't offer superior online reputation, we wouldn’t be in business. Furthermore, our online pricing engine compares all of our wholesale lender rates (including Quicken Loans). In other words, we can usually beat Quicken Retail with Quicken Wholesale, saving you thousands of dollars in fees and tens of thousands in interest.


Many of our loans come with $0 closing costs, and with this refinance you’ll have a 30 day payment deferral (allowing you to skip 1 month’s mortgage payment). There are no prepayment penalties on our loans, which means that if rates hypothetically fall 6 months after we refinance, we could do this again at $0 cost. It also allows you to pay more toward your principal each month or pay the loan off early.


To expedite the approval process, please fill out our easy online loan application to get the process started and finished within 15-18 business days (or sooner). If you have any questions or any trouble locating the information our loan application, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Even if you’ve already submitted an application elsewhere, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a side by side comparison. There is no cost and nothing to lose in having us process your loan to ensure you get the best deal. You can also call me at 858-605-0952 if you’d like to see any other rate options.


Don’t wait to take advantage of these low rates. If you can benefit from them, take advantage now. The global economy has become increasingly dependent on a healthy trade balance between China and the U.S. - even if this is short lived, it has placed downward pressure on U.S. 10-year treasury yields, and we are now seeing them at levels not seen since 2017. 10-Year Treasury Yields are very closely tied to Mortgage-Backed Securities which has led to a noticeable decline in mortgage rates.  


Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you!


Jason Vondrak


Prospect Financial Group

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Jason Vondrak has been in the mortgage industry since 2004 and co-founded the mortgage brokerage Prospect Financial Group in 2006 in San Diego, California. Today he serves as President and CEO of Prospect Financial Group and the president and founder of Prospect Property Group, a real estate development company, established in 2012.

"I've had the privilege to serve in an industry that exists to ensure homeownership remains among the top priorities of government and citizens alike. Over the years, it has been a pleasure working alongside homeowners, real estate professionals, and business associates combining efforts and teaming up to help homeowners realize the dream of home ownership."