Should You Take Today's Rates?


Due to the recent rate drop (while I'm writing this, they’re at 3-year lows!), many people are seriously kicking around the possibility of refinancing or purchasing their home loans. The geopolitical turbulence between China and the U.S. had been keeping mortgage rates down for many months, until recently, when trade war sparring between the two countries slowed down to a halt. Agreements are currently being worked through, but there are other influential variables that have laid the groundwork for a continuously low mortgage rate environment! Coronavirus has played a big part too.


We think it is a great time to look at your options to determine if you could save money. You can get a quote here anytime.


The economy is doing well, but there is speculation that the FED will reduce the FED Funds Rate as many as 3 times in 2020. All of this is sending markets into a tailspin and rates are now at levels not seen since 2016. The 10-year Treasury yield has been steadily spiraling downward (1.73% currently) and that has been great for rates. Furthermore, mortgage-backed securities have even been able to outperform the 10-year Treasury note, which means even better news for rates. Mortgage rates are amazing right now.



Loan officers typically don't want to waste any of your time with bothersome phone calls because they know you're busy, and that you have plenty of options to choose from. If the calls keep coming and you chose not to answer it, that's likely because you have a full plate. Make sure to clean your plate off and keep it clean, given these record low rates! Recent stats have indicated that if homeowners are too quick to select the first lender they connect with, they risk paying tens of thousands more in interest and fees.


We urge you to do your research, find the best loan and explore your options. Make us earn your business through great customer service, and competitive rates.


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