Moving on a budget: Uncommon ways to save money

Just the thought of moving out of your current living space can seem daunting. The thought of organizing, packing, unpacking, and then organizing all over again can be intimidating enough. However, the idea of a brand new home can surely suppress all of those worries. Saving some money also helps take the uncertainties away. If you are on a tight budget, or if you are simply just looking to be cost-efficient, we have compiled a list of ways to keep your bank account up while changing where you live.

What stays and what goes?

Before you start the moving process, start by getting cash in hand by selling anything you cannot picture in your new house. By selling your excess stuff before you move, it will be one less thing you have to worry about transferring.

Your furniture

You never truly know how much furniture you have until it’s time to move it all. If you do not have access to a truck for moving large items, don’t just call the first moving company that comes to mind. Consider a rental truck. With a few friends willing to help, a rental truck can help with small moves while saving money. If you do not think a rental truck will be the best fit due to over-sized or bulky furniture, be sure to get multiple quotes from moving companies.

All of your appliances

Make sure not to overlook all of your kitchen and household items when it comes to moving. These can take up some time! Before heading to the store to get moving boxes, check websites like Craigslist, Facebook community groups, or Freecycle. Also, more than often, it’s easy to find local retailers or office buildings who will give you free boxes to move. You might be doing them a favor just by taking them. When packing your appliances in the boxes, use newspapers or old t-shirts and sheets to wrap each item. Small tip: Take apart the appliances as much as possible to prevent damage and scratches.

When it comes down to it, the most amount of money you can save will be just by doing some research. There are easier ways around packing and relocating your belongings, and once you realize how much you will save, it will be worth the time to figure out.


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